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Furniture Farm began as a hobby in 2006 and has rapidly flourished into a family-run business.  Back in 2006 we bought occasional items of furniture, ranging from 1930s armchairs to dining room tables and chairs, and beautifully restored each item back to its original state.

During a successful year at Thoresby Market in 2007, it became evident that Next and Harvey’s living room furniture, along with contemporary modern dining room tables and chairs, were much in demand at ‘sale’ prices; items available to us every week.

Furniture Farm Ltd found its place on the map at our unit in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, at the start of 2008.  The additional indoor space we now boast allows inclusion of living room designs and modern dining set ranges from Besp-Oak, Carlton Furniture and other leading high-street names’, to other bespoke ethnic items often not seen in the high-street catalogues.  The stock varies from week to week so there is always something different available to our customers, who are starting to visit regularly, not wanting to miss out on some unusual “one-off” items.

The demise of Raspberry Village, and its close links to Harveys and Next did mean we  had to move on. We now source some of the best quality Oak Furniture and can offer this with outstanding savings over the high street.

Vancouver Oak Furniture is the most popular and more recentley Windermere Oak Furniture has proved to be very succesfull.

The central location of Nottinghamshire allows us to provide a competitive delivery service to those who cannot collect.